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Ecolab Taxat Supra Gran 7.5KG

Code: 051048
Laundry powder, with bleach and enzymes for extra power manufactured by Ecolab. 
Size: 7.5KG
Colour: Blue
€218.75 exc. VAT  
€269.06 inc. VAT

Product Details

Ecolab Taxat Supra Gran 7.5KG

This laundry powder can be used on all types of textiles, especially whites. For use in all machines and water hardnesses. This laundry powder eliminates bad smells, so there is no need to use chlorine. Taxat Laundry Powder also dissolves protein stains with bio-active enzymes and can be used for hand washing and soaking.

Manufacturer Ecolab Ltd Manufacturer Code 1011110

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