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Diversey Clax 100 20 Litre

Code: N09379
Clax 100 is a liquid surfactant booster based on a blend of effective surfactants.
Size: 20 Litre
Colour: Clear
  • Excellent performance on fatty and oily soil.
  • Good foam control properties
  • Ensures fabric whiteness
€653.35 exc. VAT  
€803.62 inc. VAT

Diversey Clax 100 20 Litre

Clax 100 is an effective booster based on a blend of nonionic surfactants and an optical brightener. This product shows excellent performance on fatty/oily soil. Once removed from fabric,fat and oil are effectively dispersed by Clax 100,thus preventing redeposition. Clax 100 is mainly used in conjunction with alkalinity boosters and/or mainwash detergents. In combination with the latter its main function is to improve dispersion of fatty and oily soil,thus enhancing wash performance on heavily soiled goods such as cotton and polyester/cotton workwear and table linen. In addition Clax 100 contains an optical brightener for application at all temperatures,which is stable in the presence of chlorine bleach.

Manufacturer Diversey Manufacturer Code 7518139

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