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Diversey Clax Revita 35B1 20KG

Code: 053057
Clax Revita is a complete mainwash detergent specially formulated for use in commercial and on premise laundries. The product has been developed for automatic and manual dosing and can be applied in soft to medium hard water. Clax Revita is suitable for washing all white cotton and polycotton fabrics and colourfast articles.
Size: 20KG
Colour: Multi
  • Excellent performance on a wide range of stains and types of soil
  • Prevents greying of linen
  • Ensures long lasting whiteness
€255.40 exc. VAT  
€314.14 inc. VAT

Product Details

Diversey Clax Revita 35B1 20KG

Clax Revita is a phosphate-free enzymatic detergent powder,based on an effective blend of surfactants,water hardness sequestrants,anti-greying and anti-corrosion agents,alkaline salts and a medium temperature bleach system. The well balanced surfactant blend results in excellent fatty/oily and particulate soil removal and dispersion of soil components. Ingredients with anti-redeposition and antiincrustation properties have been included in the product as well. Clax Revita has also been formulated with silicates,which function as anticorrosion agents,and optical brightener ensuring long-lasting whiteness of fabric. The product contains a bleach system for application at medium temperatures (40 - 70°C) and bleach stabilising agents,preventing fabric damage. The presence of proteolytic enzyme leads to protein degradation,thus facilitating removal of proteinaceous soil such as blood and food stains. Clax Revita is a single shot mainwash detergent,which may be used for cleaning fabric from hospitals and other healthcare establishments as well as for cleaning hotel linen,restaurant linen and workwear.

Manufacturer Diversey Manufacturer Code 101100394