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  5. Ecolab Foamguard Hero 10 5 Litre

Ecolab Foamguard Hero 10 5 Litre

Code: 051723
High alkaline chlorinated foam cleaner.
Size: 5 Litre
Colour: Yellow
Case of 2
  • Foam penetrates into more inaccessible areas
  • Foam minimizes aerosol formation and spread of soil and micro-organisms
  • Foam facilitates a fast cleaning of large and densely equipped kitchen
€202.00 exc. VAT  
€248.46 inc. VAT

Ecolab Foamguard Hero 10 5 Litre

FoamGuard Hero 10 is a chlorinated alkaline detergent, highly foaming, particularly suitable for removal of fat, grease and soil from all alkaline and water resistant surfaces in kitchens and fresh food processing areas in supermarkets. The advanced foam formulation provides enhanced cling to vertical surfaces. Through chlorine booster, cleans fast, powerful and hygienic, effectively removing fat, proteins, blood-, fruits residues and spices stains. Areas of application include process equipment, stainless steel kitchen inventory, preparation tables, work surfaces, floors, walls/tiled surfaces.

Manufacturer Ecolab Ltd Manufacturer Code 9075330

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