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3M 1500 Graffiti Remover 500ML

Code: N06059
3M Graffiti Removers are a safe and simple way to remove unsightly graffiti. 
Size: 500ML
Colour: Green
  • The solvent’s liquid form allows for quick penetration and rapid breakdown of graffiti
  • Has little odour, enhancing user comfort and efficiency
  • Low environmental impact as the product does not contain aromatic, aliphatic or chlorinated solvents
€154.90 exc. VAT  
€190.53 inc. VAT

3M 1500 Graffiti Remover 500ML

Does not contain NEP (N-Ethyl-pyrrolidone) or NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) used in other graffiti removers, which can pose a significant risk to health.

Manufacturer 3M Manufacturer Code 7000082039

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